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Save Edge

  • Save Edge 14" Rasp

    Save Edge 14" Rasp

    A popular choice amoung Farriers, the Save Edge 14” rasp has been the industry standard for many years, renowned for its sharpness and longevity.   Single  Box of Six  Price per Rasp (Box) Save Edge...

    £20.75 - £118.57
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  • Save Edge 14" 1/2 Round File

    Save Edge 14" 1/2 Round File

    The Save Edge “Final Touch” is a premium finishing rasp.  The specially designed teeth produce a smooth, show quality finish.     Single  Box of Six  Price per Rasp (Box) Half Round...

    £20.96 - £118.57
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  • Save Edge Beast (14" & 17")

    Save Edge Beast (14" & 17")

    The “Beast” rasp is available in both 14” and 17”, is Save Edge's latest innovation.  The extra width of these rasps provides 35% more cutting surface enabling the farrier to achieve a level hoof in fewer strokes. 

    £26.40 - £29.24
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  • Save Edge Photo Finish Rasp

    The Save Edge Photo Finish Rasp combines two Save Edge innovations:  The rasp teeth that Save Edge is know for on one side and the super smooth, cutting teeth of the Save Edge Finishing rasp on the other.  It is a unique, and versatile tool for...

    £23.65 - £136.00
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