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Plastic Sole Pads

  • Stromsholm Supersoles Soft or Firm (3mm/5mm)

    Stromsholm's Supersoles plastic hoof pads are designed to relieve concussion, sore feet, sensitive soles and whilst protecting the hoof from foreign material, stones and uneven ground. They are available in 3mm or 5mm in both soft or firm material.

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  • Mustad No-Shock pad Full

    NO-SHOCK is a range of pads developed by MUSTAD HOOFCARE. The flat pads are made of high-grade polyurethane well known for its strength and aptitude to absorb both shocks and vibrations. The flat pads are 3 mm thick and the colour of the full pads is...

    £3.27 - £3.71
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  • True-Flite Thinliner

    TRUE-FLITE shock absorbent pads are an economic, yet high performance, pad.  Designed to perform in all terrains and in all conditions, True-Flite pads are made from a specific formulation of ingredients specifically designed to not crack or tear -...

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  • Hydro Plastic Hoof Shields

    Hydroplastic Hoof shields are a full sole pad made from a non-toxic plastic which when heated in hot water forms a soft plastic which can be molded to the shape of the foot.  The pad hardens to a hardwearing, resistant shield in 2-5 minutes...

    £20.65 - £22.25
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