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Nail Pullers

  • Mustad Premium Crease Nail Puller

    Mustad Premium Crease Nail Puller

    Precision and Design are critical characteristics for a crease nail-puller worth having. The fine, precise tip and the jaws make it easy to pull nails out of a variety of creases. The wide head design reduces the amount of force required when...

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  • Diamond Nail Puller

    Diamond Nail Puller

    Precision forged from high quality tool steel for durability, Diamond's 12" Crease Nail Pullers feature a strong, button rivet construction with a polished head.  Removes nails from crease of shoes with ease. 

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  • GE Forge 12" Easy Nail Puller

    GE Forge 12" Easy Nail Puller

    GE Forge Easy Crease Nail Puller is drop forged from chrome molybdenum steel. The jaws are designed to lock over the nail head and along its taper to easily remove a single nail from a creased, wedged, or fullered shoe.

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  • Mustad Crease Nail Puller

    Nail pullers are designed for easy pulling of nails from the crease. The jaw design of this Nustad Nail Puller gives a solid grip for all nail heads. The tool is made of the highest quality tool steel and the jaws are hardened to give the highest...

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