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Mustad Nails



  • Mustad E-Slim Pitch

    Mustad E-Slim Pitch

    The new Mustad ESL PITCH nail combines Mustad’s latest pitch technology with its popular e-slim horseshoe nail to create a superior nail that respects the natural hoof angle and guarantees a smooth drive.  Ideal for horses with thin hoof...

    £8.65 - £114.63
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  • Mustad Hammer Head Nail

    Mustad Hammer Head Nail

    Specially designed, wide rectangular head for added durability along the full shoing cycle. The distinct neck and head waffle design, combined with exclusive Mustad pitch technology, providing a safe locking solutin into the shoe crease. The perfect...

    £11.51 - £251.03
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  • Mustad E-Nail

    Mustad E-Nail

    The Mustad E-nail is a classic, reliable, multi-purpose nail that can be used for a variety of horses, shoes and sport disciplines. The E-nail will have a good fit in all V-fullered shoes and is available in a wide variety of sizes. Precision, accuracy...

    £5.28 - £201.65
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  • Mustad E-Slim Nail

    Mustad E-Slim Nail

    The Mustad E-slim nail is a European style, E-head nail with a rectangular head shape and an extra long and slim shank designed as a multi-purpose nail for farriers who prefer to nail extra high in the hoof wall.  The rationale...

    £5.66 - £209.88
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  • Mustad EXL-Nail

    Mustad EXL-Nail

    The EXL nail is a high quality Mustad nail for farriers who like to nail high but at the same time need a secure and strong fit. The EXL performance nail is a nail with extra length, a slim design but with extra material in the neck to secure an optimum...

    £12.07 - £152.26
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  • Mustad Concave Nail

    Mustad Concave Nail

    The new Concave nail has a special head shape that prevents the nail from twisting in the fuller and nail hole.  The concept of PITCH® offers a small angle between nail head and the shank of the nail which supports nailing on with a correct...

    £11.69 - £144.03
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  • Mustad LiBero ARC Nail

    Mustad LiBero ARC Nail

    The LiBero-ARC nail has a uniquely rounded crown on top of the head giving an effortless drive and refines the overall finishing quality of the shoeing performance.  The concept of PITCH offers a small angle between nail head and shank of the nail...

    £11.69 - £144.03
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  • Mustad MX Nail

    Mustad MX Nail

    The Mustad MX Nail is a European style, ultra-slim nail with a rectangular head shape. The ultra-slim MX nail is designed to reduce hoof wall displacement to a maximum and provide a smooth and accurate drive of the nail.  The MX nail is...

    £11.32 - £255.15
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  • Mustad ASV Nail

    Mustad ASV Nail

    The Mustad ASV nail is a USA style, flat head nail that is especially suited for U-creased shoes. The head of the ASV nail is slightly smaller compared to the RN nail which ensures a very secure and compact fit of the head in the nail hole. As a result,...

    £11.69 - £255.15
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  • Mustad Combo Nail

    Mustad Combo Nail

    The Combo nail is a traditional, flat head, USA style nail (similr to the City Head nail) but specifically suited for larger shoe sizes. The flat head has a proper fit in most standard, u-creased shoes. The strong shank is slimmer compared to a regular...

    £12.83 - £139.92
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  • Mustad FJ-Nail and FJ-Slim Nail

    Mustad FJ-Nail and FJ-Slim Nail

    The FJ-nail is a French style, short neck nail with a low, square crown head for V-fullered shoes.  The design of the FJ-nail is very fluent in all transitions from head to neck to shank. The FJ-nail is ideal for shoeing race horses as the fit of...

    £10.19 - £267.49
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  • Mustad Swift Nail

    Mustad Swift Nail

    The Mustad Swift® is a French style, short neck nail, with a square crown head, designed specifically for racing horses. The Swift nail has been developed through a close collaboration with farriers specialised in racing disciplines. It has an...

    £10.94 - £238.69
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