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Heller Rasps

  • Excel Legend

    Heller eXceL Legend Maximum efficiency and balance Rasps side:The eXceL Legend has a rasp side which is designed to remove material easily with little effort. 10% wider and thinner than a...

    £20.70 - £94.96
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  • Excel Original Rasp

    Excel Original Rasp

    10% wider yet light and balanced: larger working surface for improved levelling, efficiency and control: 9 teeth per row: coarse side teeth extended to the edgesfor rasping clips. 5 rasps per...

    £20.70 - £94.96
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  • Heller Excel Rasp Handle

    Heller Excel Rasp Handle

    Heller GRIP rasp handles Innovative design for a better and safer grip The Heller GRIP handle has an innovative design for a better and safer grip when using rasps  and files.The special...

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  • Heller Red Tang Rasp

    Heller Red Tang Rasp

    SAVE 5% ON ALL BOXES OF HELLER RASPS The popular Heller Red Tang rasp is a fine toothed rasp that removes material easily. This rasp is especially well suited for rasping hard, dry hooves and it is...

    £17.88 - £82.01
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  • Heller Black Master Rasp

    Heller Black Master Rasp

    The Heller Black Master is a finely toothed rasp, similar to the Red Tang. This rasp is especially well suited for hard, dry hooves. The Black Master differs from the Red Tang through the addition of...

    £20.70 - £94.96
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  • Heller Master Finish File

    Heller Master Finish File

    The Master Finishing rasp has two file sides differing in teeth density. This rasp can be used for taking away horn or for polishing and finishing the hoof. Another application of this rasp is to...

    £20.70 - £97.86
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  • Heller Legend Rasp

    Heller Legend Rasp

    SAVE 5% ON ALL BOXES OF HELLER RASPS The Heller Legend rasp has a larger tooth angle resulting in a more open structure rasp. This structure makes the rasp well suited for softer, damper horn...

    £17.88 - £82.01
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  • Heller Black Legend

    Heller Black Legend

    SAVE 5% ON ALL BOXES OF HELLER RASPS  The popular Heller Black Legend has a larger tooth angle, similar to the Heller Legend, and is suitable for softer, damper horn structures. The Black...

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